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Business Transformation

We help you envision, inspire, and transform your business.

Business transformations are bold, seismic shifts that organizations make to accelerate change and growth beyond incremental improvements. 

It's an opportunity to rethink your vision, strategy, and operating models to deliver breakthrough value, create new product lines, compete more effectively, become more efficient, and increase shareholder value.

A well-designed and properly executed Target Operating Model enables the organization to achieve the planned benefits by creating value and aligning its capabilities in people, processes, and technology with its vision and strategy.

A business transformation requires you to rethink how your enterprise creates value today and in the future. You need to think big because incremental improvement is not enough to win in today’s exponentially disrupted business environment.

Your organization requires sustained growth in the face of near-constant disruption, and sustained growth requires agile reinvention. It’s not enough to win today. You have to be able to continue to evolve in the future.

HOBA ® - House of Business Architecture ®

HOBA® is an Agile Transformation Framework that provides a
SIX-STEP Structured Process
to design and implement a Target Operating Model
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Business Motivation Model
Why are we transforming?
What is our Vision?

We start by getting you and the organization agree on what the end looks like for the project and your transformation. This gets everyone across the organization clear on what the Vision looks like!

1.1  Business Architecture Approach
1.2  Vision Mapping
1.3  Strategy Mapping
1.4  Business Glossary

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Governance Model
Who is involved? What role & responsibilities do they have in the business, project design decision-making, managing scope, and risks?

We show you how to set yourself up for success to control decisions, scope, and risks. We agree on the ‘Team’ – their roles and responsibilities, the governance framework for the Team's work, decisions, and risks to be managed and made in a timely manner for the transformation to stay on track.

2.1  Business Architecture Governance
2.2  Design Principles
2.3  Risks, Assumptions, Issues, Dependencies (RAID)

Business process automation using flowchart swimlane diagram. Concept with manager or cons


Current Operating Model
What problems and opportunities in the current operating model do the business want to address and take advantage of?

We work with you to define the baseline - the state of the Organisation today. We analyze the current state of the business without boiling the ocean. We show you only what you need to assess, saving you time and money! 

3.1  Organisation Mapping
3.2  Stakeholder Mapping
3.3  User Journey Mapping
3.4  Process Mapping
3.5  Capability Mapping

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Benefits Model
Where do we need to change? Why do this from an operational perspective? What benefits does the business want to realize?

We work with you to prioritize competing stakeholder needs and required changes, so everyone’s happy. We agree on the business benefits the team plans to realize from the transformation. We pull the team together moving in the same direction. Missing this step results in project failure.

4.1  Benefits Mapping
4.2  Benefit Dependencies Mapping
4.3  Prioritization Mapping

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Target Operating Model
How and where does the business need to change?

We work with the team to design the Target Operating Model (TOM) that addresses the problems and opportunities in your Current Operating Model for now and the future. We incorporate the agreed changes that enables the Organisation to realize the planned benefits and achieve its Vision.

5.1  Capability Mapping
5.2  Process Mapping
5.3  Impact Mapping
5.4  CostBenefit Mapping
5.5  Pilot Mapping

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Road Map Model
When will the changes be implemented and the business benefits be realized?

We develop the road map and plans to deliver the design. We implement the physical changes pertaining to business and technology and track the realization of the business benefits on the way to achieving your Vision.

6.1  Project Mapping
6.2  Road Map Mapping
6.3  Benefits Realisation Mapping
6.4  Transition Architecture Mapping
6.5  Business/IT Alignment Mapping
6.6  Traceability Mapping

How Is HOBA® Different

HOBA® is a Business-led approach that addresses the biggest problems with Business and Digital Transformation today. 

Designed BY the Business

HOBA® is the only framework that addresses the four main reasons of transformation failure – lack of Business stakeholder engagement; changing requirements; incomplete requirements and poor planning.

Designed FOR Business

HOBA® is the world’s first Business-led Business Transformation framework, designed by the Business, who are Business Architects actually in the trenches doing the work.


Controlled BY Business
Because HOBA® is designed BY and FOR the Business in a language, the Business can understand, HOBA® provides the Business the ability to take back control of its Transformation from Technology and back into their own hands.


Aligns the Business with the Strategy
HOBA® provides the framework and design process to develop not just the design of the Organisations Target Operating Model (TOM), but manage the implementation of the physical Business Architecture so it is aligned with the design of the TOM.


Provides Visibility & Transparency
HOBA® provides visibility and transparency of the process and activities to design and implement the TOM, and most importantly also manage the changes throughout the design process from concept to implementation ensuring all parts of the Transformation are aligned at all times.


Aligned to Industry Standards
HOBA® is aligned with industry standards and best practices in Enterprise Architecture, Program and Project Management, Business Process, and Benefits Realisation Management. This ensures efficient and effective work at minimum waste, saving you time and money!

HOBA® Is Aligned With Industry Best Practices

HOBA® is aligned with TOGAF® and both share a similar approach to Business Architecture, a process to develop it and how requirements are structured.

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®)
HOBA® is aligned with the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®). SAFe® - both promoting Agile iterative and incremental product development and project management at the Enterprise level.

Benefits Realisation Management (BRM)
HOBA® is tightly aligned with the Benefits Realisation Management (BRM) framework, with Benefits Reference Model right in the middle of it, using benefits to guide investment, changes, and decisions.

Zachman Framework
Although Zachman is a method of classifying architecture documentation and is not a framework, HOBA® covers all the areas so the complete view of Business Architecture is addressed.

Agile Scrum
HOBA® is aligned with Scrum and follows the same 3-pillars collaborative, structured, and iterative approach to developing the design and implementation of the Business Architecture and Business Transformation.

Business Process Classification Framework (PCF)
HOBA® is aligned with the leading industry standard in Process management, structuring, and decomposing processes by best practice to help the transformation run smoothly without a hitch.

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