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Performance Improvement

We help you improve work systems, decision making systems, and processes 

Our approach for establishing an organization that achieves outstanding performance is based on practical experience and best practices in applying the art and science of creating a continuous improvement culture.

All improvements should enhance the organization's Return On Investment (ROI).
We work with our clients upfront to determine the expected ROI from the improvement initiative, ensuring that we deliver real value and build long-term relationships to serve our client needs.
There are Four Critical Components to creating a continuous improvement culture across the organization.
We coach, facilitate, and support the management and workforce teams in developing the tools, processes, and systems necessary to establish the mindset, capabilities, and behaviors required for operational excellence.
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Strategic Alignment

Understand what's important to the customer and business. Align your strategic priorities by placing customers in the center of your work system design. Develop a cascading set of priorities and KPIs to track progress goals.

Strategic Alignment

Strategy Deployment is a structured approach to narrowing an organization’s focus on those activities that truly move its strategy forward.

If you have big goals then value stream transformation can help you get there. It eliminates siloed thinking and sets the stage for bold thinking.

KPIs help improve performance

and triggers the need for course correction when performance begins to slip from the desired state.

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Stabilize Work

A set of consistent and defined practices followed by all levels in the organization where all key processes are documented via standard work and actively managed to meet defined performance goals.

Stabilize Work

Standard Work is the best-known way to perform the work based on the know-how and expertise of the people who do the work regularly. It creates predictability, stability, improves safety, productivity, and quality of work.

Leader Standard Work is the glue that when used with Operational Standard Work and Daily Management System, creates high performing work environments.

Reduce uncertainty, stress by providing information on what’s happening, clarity on what good looks like, and engaging work teams in identifying and solving problems. Bring order to chaos.

5S is a disciplined management practice with a primary goal of improving workplace safety and performance by making the abnormal stand out from the normal, ideally at a glance. 

Kaizen - Japanese continuous improvement and a change for better concept - word abstract i

Continuous Improvement

Use a disciplined approach and consistent methodology to build waste-free operations, identify and solve problems, and improve processes on an ongoing basis, instead of waiting for significant problems to arise.

Continuous Improvement

Maximize value to customers by eliminating process waste and enhancing business performance.

Plan, Do, Study, Adjust (PDSA) is a scientific problem-solving technique and a foundation of continuous improvement.

Clearly identify process waste and the degree of improvement required to make work easier, safer, efficient, and effective.

A two-to-five-day focused improvement workshop to design and implement improvements to a defined process or work area.

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Cultural Enablers

Organizations select tools and design systems to achieve specific results. But tools and systems alone do not operate a business. People do. The aggregate of people’s behaviors makes up an organizational culture, which influences an organization’s results.

Cultural Enablers

Respecting every individual and leading with humility is the foundation of creating a continuous improvement culture. When people feel respected, they give far more than their hands; they give their minds and hearts as well.

Business performance depends on how people behave. KBIs are leading indicators that effectively enable and measure business performance.

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