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Organizational Assessment

We help you discover what you need to take your business performance to the next level

An independent organizational assessment helps you discover the current state of your business performance and what you can do to improve it.

Our assessment covers the depth and breadth of your organization to provide the insights required to prioritize your Return On Investment (ROI) on improvement initiatives.

We discover the breadth of issues and opportunities by assessing your business through the SIX LENSES of purpose, culture, people, process, technology, performance.

We determine the root cause of issues and opportunities by listening to DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES across management, office, shop floor, front-line staff.

We confirm our understanding of the issues and opportunities by OBSERVING THE WORKER perform work at their desk, machine, call center, warehouse, field.

The Six Lenses of Organizational Assessment

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Why do you exist? What problems do you solve?


Is your strategy aligned with you purpose and vision?

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Is fear, chaos, firefighting, survival more widespread than trust, respect, humility, innovation, collaboration?

Is your culture in sync with your core values?

Do people get blamed when a process does not work?


Do they enjoy work? Are they engaged in improving work?

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Are your processes stabilized with zero waste and proper flow?

Are your processes being continuously improved?



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Are you capitalizing on emerging technologies?

Are your systems aligned to your growth initiatives?

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Do you have a goal or a robust plan to improve performance?

Do you measure leading or lagging indicators?

Our Approach

We conduct independent interviews, observations, and analyses in a safe and productive environment that helps build trust and rapport with your management and work teams to share issues and opportunities in improving work systems, decision-making systems, and processes that help you take your business performance to the next level.
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Interviews & Analysis

We conduct management interviews and workshops to understand and analyze the nature, scale, and complexity of the organization; its problems, and opportunities.

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Interviews & Observations

We conduct employee interviews to hear their issues and ideas. We observe them operate at their desk, machine, call center, warehouse, field to see how work is actually performed.

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Assessment Report

Based on what we hear, see, analyze across our 'six lenses' of organizational assessment we present the key issues, opportunities, strategies for improving business performance and ROI.

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