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Virtual Team Meeting

Process Mapping Masterclass
with Meherban

Master the Art of Streamlining Business Processes for Optimal Efficiency & Effectiveness

At BPS Partners, we recognize that the bedrock of any thriving enterprise lies in its processes.

Meherban has coached a myriad of professionals and has been instrumental in documenting over 2,000 process maps across diverse industries, companies, departments, projects, and organizational cultures. This masterclass is a reflection of Meherban's commitment to sharing his skills and insights, empowering you to learn and master the art of documenting process maps more effectively and efficiently.


Business Leaders and Executives, Project Managers and PMO Staff, Process Improvement Specialists, IT Professionals, Finance Professionals, Change Managers.


Develop Strategic Insights: Gain the ability to map and analyze business processes, leading to better foresight in business trends and strategic planning.
Streamline ERP & Business Transformation: Understand the critical role of well-documented processes in realizing the promised business benefits of these initiatives.
Integrated Risk & Performance Management: Master the integration of risk, SOX controls, performance metrics, and ESG considerations into process maps to ensure comprehensive compliance and operational integrity.
Implement Effective Change Management: Leverage process documentation to facilitate effective change management, ensuring smoother transitions and clearer communication during organizational changes.
Foster Innovation & Growth: Use BPM and process mapping to identify areas for innovation and growth, ensuring that changes are accurately represented and effectively implemented.
Visio Proficiency for Process Documentation: Enhance your skills in using tools like Microsoft Visio for detailed and clear process documentation, vital for project success.
Networking & Collaboration: Engage with professionals from various fields, sharing insights and best practices in BPM and process documentation.

Join Our Monthly Masterclass, Every Second Thursdays at 6:00 PM EST:

Unlocking Process Mastery at No Cost

Experience a dynamic 90-minute learning journey, segmented into three engaging parts for an immersive educational experience.

First 30 Minutes - Knowledge Immersion:

Embark on a comprehensive journey through Business Process Management (BPM) that anchors corporate strategy and governance. Grasp Organizational DNA Alignment and its pivotal role in operational excellence. Delve into the essentials of Process Risk & Performance Management for informed decision-making and risk mitigation. Explore methodologies for enhancing workflow efficiency and removing waste. Uncover the importance of emotional intelligence in leading BPM initiatives, fostering a culture of empathy and understanding within process management teams. Learn about the critical frameworks that uphold process governance, ensuring alignment with both strategic objectives and regulatory compliance.

Next 30 Minutes - Visio Mastery:

Transition into a hands-on session on process mapping in Visio. Watch and learn as we demonstrate practical applications, from selecting the right shapes to crafting detailed vertical and horizontal swimlane diagrams. This interactive tutorial will equip you with the essential skills to bring clarity and precision to your process documentation.

Final 30 Minutes - Live Coaching:

Conclude with a personalized coaching session, where you'll receive direct feedback on your Visio process maps. For this real-time enhancement, please ensure you've submitted your maps 48 hours before the masterclass. This segment is dedicated to refining your work, offering bespoke improvements and insights.


Additional Information: 

  • The first two segments will be recorded, allowing you to revisit the knowledge shared at your convenience.

  • To maintain confidentiality and encourage a safe learning environment, the live coaching will not be recorded.

Join us for this structured, comprehensive masterclass designed to elevate your BPM proficiency and Visio expertise. Enhance your skills, apply new insights, and leave with tangible improvements to your process maps.

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