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Virtual Team Meeting

Process Mapping Masterclass
with Meherban

Master the Art of Streamlining Business Processes for Optimal Efficiency & Effectiveness

Welcome to the Process Mapping Masterclass, hosted by Meherban, an expert in business process documentation and improvement.

With a substantial 20-year journey in the field, Meherban's approach is rooted in hands-on experience and practical knowledge. 

He has personally coached a myriad of professionals and has been instrumental in documenting over 2,000 process maps across diverse industries, companies, departments, projects, and organizational cultures. This masterclass is a reflection of Meherban's commitment to sharing his skills and insights, empowering you to learn and master the art of documenting process maps more effectively and efficiently.

Masterclass Details

Duration & Structure: A concise, 90-minute interactive session designed to maximize learning and participation.

Tips & Tricks: The class begins with a 15-minute segment where Meherban shares valuable tips and tricks. Topics may include:

  • Creating clear and elegant process maps using Microsoft Visio.

  • Effective facilitation of interviews and workshops for knowledge gathering.

  • Connecting the dots to form a comprehensive process map.


Real-Life Application: The core of the class (75 minutes) revolves around a hands-on, interactive session focusing on:

  • Analyzing a real-life process map submitted by students.

  • Meherban's guidance and suggestions on how to improve or structure the process map.

  • A collaborative environment where students are invited to share their ideas and feedback.

Learning Outcomes: Gain practical skills in process mapping, enhance problem-solving abilities, and learn to view processes with a critical, improvement-oriented lens.


Open Forum: A dynamic, safe and open space for students to engage, learn from each other, and get direct feedback from Meherban.

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