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In a world of RPA, AI, Smart Cities, IoT, and Cyber Security Threats our clients need more than just ERP solutions to remain competitive and grow their market share.​

Contrary to popular thinking, technology is not a solution to all business problems. Most problems can be resolved by stabilizing and improving work processes and creating a continuous improvement culture across the organization.​

However, when technology is identified as the right solution, success depends on working with knowledgeable, experienced, resourceful, and agile technology firms that provide innovative solutions to solve a problem or seize an opportunity.​

BPS Partners has formed strategic alliances with North American technology firms that have onshore, nearshore, and offshore presence to serve our clients' technology needs.

We work with our technology partners to identify, assess, design, build, implement, and support the right technology solution to help meet our clients' needs to remain competitive and grow their market share.
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Digital Transformation

By harnessing the power of data and modern technologies, our tech partners enable our clients to improve their business processes and performance, boost employee morale and streamline the customer journey.
Digital Transformation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

It’s time to give your employees a break from legacy systems and mundane tasks and give them an opportunity to be more productive and creative. We can help you with:

  • Identifying and prioritizing processes that are best suited for RPA implementation in your organization

  • Documenting your current state processes and pain points to design, build, test, and implement the RPA bot for your organization

  • Educating and motivating your organization to embrace RPA as an opportunity to free their time and capacity to focus on value-add tasks, growth initiatives, and work-life balance.

Explore how RPA can benefit your organization, and which processes are ideal candidates for RPA

Intelligent Process Automation

There are several components that form AI - Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and NLP (Natural Language Processing), which when integrated with RPA become Intelligent Automation. This also benefits organizations in a massive way as it reduces costs, provides an unmatched customer experience, and improves productivity.

Conversational AI

Conversational AI combines NLP with Machine Learning. Conversational AI can power both customer and employee experience, revolutionizing every industry. Conversational AI apps can effectively replicate human conversational experiences, leading to higher rates of customer satisfaction. 

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Safe & Reliable Operations

Our tech partners have the experience, expertise, and long-standing partnerships with leading hardware and software providers such as Microsoft, Google, Lenovo, and others to supply, install and maintain state-of-the-art technology for you.
Safe & Reliable Ops

Enterprise Technology Infrastructure

Understanding your business goals and current pain points enables our tech partner experts to design, implement, and support an enterprise technology infrastructure that is best suited for your specific needs and objectives, providing you the hardware and software needed to run your business safely and reliably.

Our experts investigate and analyze all aspects of your hardware and software platforms, including computers, switches, servers, and software programs to identify outdated technologies that are no longer supported by the original vendor, which are ripe breeding grounds for hackers to install trojan horse malicious software. This critical first step enables our experts to identify outdated technologies that need to be replaced to prevent future threats and costly maintenance resulting from bad actors whose revenue model is based on stealing our clients' customer information and intellectual property, compromising operations, and damaging reputation.

With the knowledge and access to a wide range of hardware and software products and providers, our tech partners have the tools, expertise, and long-standing vendor relationships to assess, offer, install, and sustain the right technology solution for your organization that meets your current and future business needs. 

We work with our tech partners to ensure our clients have the right enterprise technology infrastructure and peace of mind in place to grow their market share with a safe and reliable operational setup.

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